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At BluePulse, we like to develop personalize solutions for our clients. Our agile methods, global maritime shipping sector experience, and strong experience in IoT, artificial intelligence and machine learning allow us to do this, while offering proven solutions with great results.

How are specific designs solutions

BluePulse’s team has an approach based on flexibility and agility, in order to be able to serve our clients in a way that is affectively aligned with their goals. We are:

  • Customer centric: Always put our effort in understanding our clients business and needs;
  • A leader in the AI Maritime sector: Our global experience across many projects and different clients, our strong partnerships, and our strong presence in the Maritime sector allow us to know how to adjust for the best solutions and always be the first to technological advancements
  • Available and proactive: our team of experts are always available to discuss of your projects and offer you a day today follow up on your customer journey to ensure the well advancement of the project
  • Technology and IP experts: we specialize in innovation and technology, which allow us to stay updated on the future trends and design solutions with strong intellectual properties assets for our clients.

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    Our last articles and news

    A successful AI solution involves constant evolution, improvements and learnings – our articles discuss the latest maritime shipping problematics and solutions. BluePulse’s partners our key to the efficiency of our solutions providing us with the data and the latest hardware equipment.


    ESA and Bluepulse enter contract to develop a high-resolution maritime port activity geo fencing database. This database covers over 1,000 maritime terminals and references over 100,000 intermodal zones around the world. Soon available via Bluepulse API. https://esa.int
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