The container ship routing optimization

BlueRoutes is the only software that considers all factors which impact a vessel’s energy consumption, such as:

  • Atmospheric weather
  • Reefer energy consumption


Save up to 300 tons of CO2e and $70,000 per ocean crossing!

Our solution

Most cost-efficient route

Using real-time weather forecasting data, our Artificial Intelligence solution predicts reefer energy consumption, and provides the most cost-efficient & environment-friendly route across oceans, and lets you save over 5% of the ships’ total fuel !

How does it work?

BlueRoutes real-time route predictor forecasts weather conditions on several possible routes, estimates the ships efficiency for all routes and suggests the optimum route for set ETA, & reefer load.
BlueRoutes is a unique Artificial Intelligence solution which integrates to all existing Maritime routing solutions.

What if your current routes aren’t the most efficient ?

The shortest route across oceans isn’t always the most efficient. Many external elements come into play in the ship’s fuel use and its GHG emissions: weather conditions have a direct impact on energy used by refrigerated containers on board ships.

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Blueroutes was designed in partnership with the CNES’s Connect program and was partially funded by the French France Relance program.