Global leader in AI-based predictive maintenance for maritime industry

BluePulse provides maritime industry professionals with the data needed to take decisions and boost performance

  • Shipment analytics data on top of your existing telematics data
  • Real-time notifications for vessel power outages, system shutdowns, over consumption and key indicators of system failure
  • Monitoring of energy in/out of port, on board ships, at consignment, on land transport
  • Predictive energy reporting along with actual consumption metrics

We know what problems you face on a daily basis

Thanks to AA, data mining, and machine learning, Maritime shipping companies can save millions in shipping and maintenance costs

We have created many existing solutions that solve existing problems that revolve around reefer containers shipping costs and maintenance. Discover now our BluePulse solution and our use cases


The container ship routing optimization

Our BlueRoutes solution uses artificial intelligence to calculate the best route and optimize the weather the ship will sail into while taking into account both proportion, reefer fuel consumption, and security.

Our value

Choosing to work with us is choosing to work with AI and data analysis experts who are focused on a daily basis on the maritime sector. Our solutions are data-driven and can have a huge impact on your company’s structure, costs, and benefits in the short and long run.

track and predict CO2 emissions

Reduce fuel expenses by more than 4%

Reduce maintenance costs by 9%

Reduce insurance premiums and fees

Have any specific issues and problematic that need solving?

We can make tailor-made AI and machine learning designs specific to your problematic and unique to your organization.

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    Bluepulse announces partnership with CNES

    Bluepulse has been selected to develop predictive routing solutions for container ships. The CNES is operating the French National Booster program and is funding innovative solutions bringing social benefits and using spatial technology. Bluepulse predictive real-time solutions provides you with all the information you need…

    Bluepulse announces AI4EU partnership

    Bluepulse has been selected to develop predictive maintenance solutions for rotating maritime systems. AI4EU consortium was established to build the first European Artificial Intelligence On-Demand Platform and Ecosystem with the support of the European Commission under the H2020 program. Bluepulse predictive real-time solutions provides you…