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Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability in Offshore Operations: A Comprehensive Guide to Reefer Container Monitoring Systems

When it comes to offshore operations, efficiency and sustainability are the linchpins around which everything revolves. Superior temperature control, enhanced energy efficiency, and accurate monitoring solutions are a must to ensure exceptional reefer performance. Central to this discussion is the term ‘reefer container monitoring system.’


ESA and Bluepulse enter contract to develop a high-resolution maritime port activity geo fencing database. This database covers over 1,000 maritime terminals and references over 100,000 intermodal zones around the world. Soon available via Bluepulse API.


Bluepulse’s GHG and Carbon emission reporting solutions are now compliant with EN 16258 standards and with the GLEC Framework. Please to announce that Bluepulse is now a GLEC certified solution for CO2 and GHG accounting and reporting