Track and predict CO2 emissions

Because reefers run mostly on vessels’ heavy fuel, each reefer generates on average 8 to 10 T of CO2 per year !

Our tool tracks actual energy and CO2 emissions per segment (ocean, road, train or at port) and generates reports allowing reefer owners to track, estimate and compensate their reefers’ CO2 emissions.

Bluepulse will also estimates CO2 emissions based on your reefer parc size, usage (destinations, cargos) and will help you optimize and plan without installing sensors nor IoT.

Reduce fuel expenses by 4% or more

Because reefers don’t always run on the most efficient mode, or lack ventilation when stored, they burn more energy than they should.

Bluepulse will automatically detect which units don’t run efficiently or which unit was lacking ventilation, so you can improve operations and reefer set up, and reduce fuel expenses by a minimum 4%.

Bluepulse detects on average 2% reefers with such issues in all customer fleets and helps its customer save 4% or more on reefer fuel.

Reduce maintenance costs by 9% or more

Reefers running on 100% compression, or loosing compression aren’t likely to run fine for a long time, leaving you with maintenance work at best or worst.

Bluepulse will detect such units, so your maintenance team can prepare for which repair to plan for, and on which unit to work on priority.

Our customer see a maintenance cost decrease of 9% within the first 6 months of operating Bluepulse’s solutions.

Reduce insurance premiums

Because partner insurance companies know we help you increase your shipment quality and reduce your shipping disputes, they will offer you better premium rates and help you capitalize on customer satisfaction.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you reduce your insurance premiums.

Increase shipping quality

Daily reports on risk of unit failure, on operations issues, on cargo power quality, up to date dashboards with hot loadings, power outages and T° breaches will keep an eye for you on the overall process and help you increase shipping quality.

Quality focused carriers use Bluepulse solutions to outperform their competitors.

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