Global leader in AI-based predictive maintenance solution for reefers. Our solution provides the information you need, the data analytics you want 24/7/anywhere.

  • Shipment analytics data on top of your existing telematics data.
  • Bespoke notifications such as vessel power outages, system shutdowns, over consumption and key indicators of system failure.
  • Monitoring of energy in/out of port, on board ships, at consignment, on land transport.
  • Predictive energy reporting along with actual consumption metrics.
  • 99% accuracy.

Our solution runs on any data format / sensor brand

Quality Management and Cost Reduction Examples

Global Shipping provider with temperature sensitive cargo:

  • Operational issue detection.
  • Fuel optimization modeling.
  • System defect/default logging.
  • Pre-trip inspection preparation
  • Power supply metrics

Implementation with key ROI results:

  • Quality improvement of shipments over 35% over 2 months.
  • Energy Savings over 2% in 6 months.
  • Maintenance cost savings.
  • Insurance premium reductions.

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Predictive Global Analytics

  • Linkage to your thermal model.
  • Maintenance monitoring and reporting.
  • Customized reporting.

The information you need, the data analytics you want.

Our solution builds a digital twin of each of your reefers to detect any operational and maintenance issue.