Efficient Distance Calculation

for Sustainable Shipments!

Shortest Feasible Distance (SFD) over land and Great Circle Distance (GCD) over ocean are the only 2 methods compliant with ISO 14083 standard to calculate transport distances.

These distances can be calculated both for passenger transport (High Speed Train lines, all roads) or for heavy cargo shipments (freight trains, barge canals and rivers, heavy goods vehicle roads).

How It Works

  • Enter origin and destination (UNLOCODE, Address, GPS coordinates) via service API
  • Receive accurate SFD and GCD (km) between 2 points anywhere in the world
  • Demo site available at https://routing.greensee.ai
  • Reliable and Precise:
    • Using patented AI technologies
    • Benchmarked and audited by Smart Freight Center
  • Environmental Commitment:
    • Our solution help the shipping industry save on energy and GHG emissions
    • Industry professionals using Bluepulse solutions find quick return on investments and increased value added in their solutions

Accurate GHG Emissions and ISO Standard Compliance